Concierge Services

Haley Roxx Concierge Services

Our experienced team has been working with private and professional collectors of rock, pop and vintage fashion for more than a decade to find those special bespoke pieces that set any collection apart from the ordinary.  

We have relationships with both buyers and sellers in many industries and are able to locate those “special” items that do not come up in many auction sites.  Our concierge department has been working with many private clients for more than a decade and has source just about anything you are looking for.  We provide this service free of charge to serious and experienced buyers in the rock and roll, pop culture and vintage fashion arenas.  If you need help finding that special item, please contact us at  If we can’t locate it, nobody can.nd user profile criteria to keep the bidders real and the bidding process honest and transparent. We believe this is well worth the investment to ensure you, our customer has the best online expe

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