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Fairchild Paris Turntable Print

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Limited Edition Fairchild Collection Print

Approx. 18"" x 24""

Known throughout the 20th century for their iconic advertisements, Fairchild Paris creations are highly regarded for their distinctive sense of glamour, sophistication, and vintage style. This collection of hand signed artists proofs beautifully combines luxury designers and noteworthy brands with their unique artistic sensibility, resulting in a stunning collection of art that adds the perfect retro-inspired aesthetic to any space. Artist Proof (AP.) print, published and printed by Fairchild Paris, upon handmade, French paper 22 x 15 with Fairchild watermark, raw cut, deckled edges, and some temporarily fixed upon black card, art stock 28” x 22” (for support and shipping purposes only). Hand signed Fairchild Paris. John Fairchild (Fairchild Paris), is a British born artist, publisher, and printer, who brings back some of our favorite images of the past, with subject matter ranging from couture fashion, and the iconic designers, artists, photographers, fashion houses, and top supermodels of our time. Sex, drugs, and, rock n’ roll, beautiful women, fine vintage wine, exquisite horses, sexy cars, VIP. clubs, and Cuban cigars, pink flamingos in Beverly Hills, a members only guest list to the best clubs, and hotels, New York mobsters, Colombian cartel, Frida, or Kate, to Coco Chanel… The list goes on. With Warhol you have Pop art, soup cans and Brillo boxes, Fairchild has proudly, coined the term ‘Snob art’ for the work he creates, "There’s nothing wrong with having good taste, and flaunting it… Especially at an affordable price". Fairchild can be naughty, sometimes a little dark, decadence and debauchery at its most elegant…